Tongaporutu Whitecliffs Station

Tongaporutu Whitecliffs Station

Tongaporutu Whitecliffs Station  Farmstay and Horsetreks

New Zealand farmstay accommodation and horseback riding can't get much better than at the Tongaporutu Whitecliffs Station in North Taranaki.

The Tongaporutu farm, lies between the Tongaporutu River to the north and Paraninihi (White Cliffs) to the south. The Tasman Sea provides the 7km western boundary with Taranaki's most spectacular coastline and beaches.

Uplifted marine terraces and ancient sea cliffs rise to more than 900 feet above sea level to form the famous 'White Cliffs'.

In the 14th century, one of the great migrating canoe's...the "Tokomaru Waka", landed close by at the Mohakatino river.

The evidence of this rich maori history is visible, manifested by historic Pa sites and archeological evidence of ancient occupation. ..The coastal miocene fossil sequence attracts geologists from all around the world.

The farm has been in the Gibbs family since 1899...They farm angus cattle and perendale sheep. Fertiliser has not been applied here for over 25 years.

They prefer to control pasture through grazing management and having smaller 'easier' paddocks. 'Dung Beetles' were introduced in the 70's to 'break down' cow manure!

You may notice 'cow pats' with lots of small holes in them, that will be the dung beetles at work!Tongaporutu Whitecliffs Station pasture

You'll come across a wide variety of grasses. There are red and white clover, sub-terrainian clover, lotus major, rye, prairie, danthonia, cocksfoot and many more grass varieties as well as a good mix of herbs; dandelion, penny royal, chicory, plantain to name just a few.

Its very important for sheep and cattle to have a good variety of different grasses and herbs to maintain good health.

Each year ten percent of their tourism tariff is used to plant native trees. The trees shelter the stock from the weather conditions and encourage birds, also they help prevent erosion and simply make a more attractive environment in which to live, work and play. 

Certain areas of bush on the farm have been retired. These retired bush areas are wonderful to explore with children where the insect life is rich and the creeks are clean with healthy native plant life and bird song.

You'll see Pipit, Tui, Pigeon, Fantail, King Fisher, New Zealand Falcon, Blue Heron (once in a while White Heron), Pukeko, Pheasant, Wax Eyes and many many more different bird species.

Sometimes at night you'll hear the Morepork. We trap and 'dispatch' Magpies which also encourages other bird life.

The white cliffs conservation area was once so rich with Kiwi that people used to say.."at night the sound of the kiwi was deafening".

Take in the breathtaking views of this stunning environment, including the famous three sisters.

Ancient cave Carvings

Wander down to the shore for a bit of beachcombing, and explore ancient cave drawings beside elephant rock, or tramp the Whitecliffs walkway, which includes...Twin Creeks beach, and the historic Te Horo Stock Tunnel. You have access to some of the best hiking trails and walking tracks in Taranaki.

In the evening relax back, and enjoy a BBQ, or check out the glow worms. This will definately be an unsurpassed "nature experience" you'll never forget.

Another interesting activity is the Historic Te Horo Stock Tunnel (80 m long). Last mob of sheep went through in 1960. First created in approx 1859, completed in approx 1889. Used as part of the white cliffs walkway.

 Farmstay at Whitecliffs Station

Available is the lovely solid rimu Homestead, built in the 1930's, that sleeps 15 +. It's tastefully furnished, with fantastic grounds.

The feel and atmosphere of this heritage house is incredibly relaxing. This is farmstay accommodation at its best.

Great farmstay accommodation

Also available is the new and modern, fully furnished Studio, which sleeps from 2 - 6+. The views are fantastic... Again, farmstay accommodation in style. School groups, clubs, corporate and private groups welcome.

Team building, intimate wedding hideaway, family/friends reunion, school trips, tell them what your needs are and they will endeavour to accommodate.

Horsetrekking North Taranaki Style:

For the more adventurous, why not experience the best horse trekking Taranaki has to offer with friendly experienced guides.

Enjoy a horsetrek at the beach, open paddocks or hills where the 360 degree views are second to none...

Three Sisters Horsetreks

Your Hosts:....Parani & Russell Gibbs