Aotea Harbour New Zealand

The beautiful Aotea village hugging the most tranquil harbour in New Zealand, is a land steeped in rich Maori history. With its many stories of romance & war, and it being the burial place of "Aotea", the great sea-voyaging waka, this indeed is a very special place in New Zealand.

Mt Karioi looms in the distance, gazing down protectively on this isolated eco-gem, tucked in off the windswept, Waikato coastline.

In the distance you can hear the pounding of the waves on the shore, as they surge in from the Tasman ocean.

This is eco tourists dream-place, with its long stretchs of sandy beaches, breaking surf, towering cliff faces, and scent filled pine forests.

The main tourism venture is Aotea horsetreks managed and operated by the tangata whenua of this sacred land.

They take visitors on a 3 hour horseback ride through some of the most spectacular scenery you may find in New Zealand.

If you combine the natural heritage of this special place, with the cultural heritage of your Maori guides, you will no doubt have a choice of a very interesting and enjoyable, horseback ride.

For those who want to keep their feet firmly on the ground, the natural hotpools out along the oceanbeach are an absolute must.

The "Te Puia hot springs reveal themselves at low tide and can be accessed either from Aotea village or from Kawhia a few kilometre's further South.

And if your seeking to park up for awhile, then check out the Aotea accommodation options. It ain't pure luxury, but its very relaxing and informative.